It is hard to categorize the reasons Why you should visit Sri Lanka? “The Wonder of Asia”. Whether you chose Delight Tours Sri Lanka Tour Package for Holiday, Honeymoon, Vacation, Travel or Adventure, will find best places and destinations for tourism and activities. Straight from the Flight until you reach your selected hotel our best and modern transportation system, experienced and kind tour guides will take care of all your needs. Still consider as Green country, the golden beaches, Historical cites, misty mountains, dry and wet weather, flora and fauna all in a compact small piece of land compared to other countries in the world.

  1. It is a small Island ‘like a pearl’ in the Indian ocean. So if you tour any direction, end up with a nice golden beach where Seafood is in abundance.
  2. It has Sunshine all throughout the day 365 days of the year. Night falls around 6.30 pm goes until 5.30 am. May-June and November-December are the two rainy seasons of Sri Lanka.
  3. The land mainly divided into Dry zone, Wet zone, Low hills and High hills. While on travelling within 3-4 hours can feel the change of climate and environment.
  4. Sri Lanka is rich in Flora and Fauna and still preserving few Jungles to absorb unhealthy air and breath out fresh air.
  5. Over the past it was famous for Ivory, precious Gems, Pearls and Coloured Stones of value. At the beginning of the century Sailors discovered this island and started trading Spices and Herbs etc.
  6. Sri Lanka is a good choice to witness, more than 2000 years of History and Heritage of mankind. Ancient architecture, pioneers of engineering who built huge Lakes and Dagobas, Sthupas (Giant Pagodas)
  7. The Culture and traditions mainly displays the characteristics of Theravada Buddhism because majority are Sinhalese Buddhist citizens. But the society consists of Multi-Cultural, Multi-National and Multi-Religious people now live in better harmony.
  8. Traveling makes easy and interesting with Good roads and better Transportation systems.Five Star hotels, Villas and more and more Home Stays are there waiting to treat the guests with highest Hospitality by friendly people with a smile.
  9. Rural village  still holds the old charm and most of the jobs are done manually but happily Shedding tears and sweat.
  10. As a country in stage of developing, Low Cost of Expenses and easy to live, invite you to tour, travel and explore according to everyone’s budget.
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