As a small boy I grew up seeing the richness in wild life, picturesque rural villages, misty mountains, unpolluted lakes, golden sandy beaches and great culture with historical value. Therefore my love to explore and compassion to the environment I live has no end. My wife the ideal match to my life and with well understanding of my desires always stands beside me extending the hand of help and courage. I would say that I am blessed to have two adorable children who are there to help when needed and standing firmly when ever possible to safe guard the environment which they live and for their future generation.

Charles M Fernando

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Why We Choose Us

There is a saying among local folks “IF YOU KNOW THE WAY TO KATHARAGAMA (a distant sacred place in the woods) YOU CAN REACH THE DESTINATION SAFELY, OTHERWISE YOU MAY LOST IN WOODS.” Tourism is a competitive and interesting job. It involves more than one element of services at different times, in different ways. So, in this training program we were taught the aspects of this wonderful and responsible affair. Therefore, I am very much capable of handling Honorable Guests to their utmost satisfaction.

Sri Lanka Tourism NTDA Member